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Recent News on Energy and the Environment 26.12.08

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Some recent articles featured on the Energy Environment News Portal, on current and emerging issues related to energy and the environment

UK: £12m to encourage biomass heat

US-Ukraine Nanotechnology Research Center to Focus on Energy Efficiency

Moody’s revises Petrotrin’s outlook from ‘stable’ to ‘negative’

Era Of Cheap Gas Coming To An End, Warns Putin

“India will have to reduce energy consumption by 20%”

Are Plunging Oil Prices Dangerous?


Recent News on Energy and the Environment 02.11.08

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Non-Turbine Wind Generator

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From: Green Tech Gazette – June 23, 2008

An interesting article (with video) on a non-traditional form of Wind Energy: Non-Turbine Wind Generator | Green Tech Gazette

According to that article, instead of generating electricity using a turbine based on the traditional two- or three-blade design, the non-turbine wind generator is based upon the flutter of long strands of kite material spanning a gap and connected to button magnets on the ends that produce electrical current. The design was conceived to provide an inexpensive solution to micro-wind energy, but has the option to be scaled up to meet larger power generation needs.



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July 5, 2008 at 3:25 pm