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Is this Clean Coal? (Video)

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Is this what “clean coal” is about?



Massive Coal Ash Spill in Tennessee puts the lie to Clean Coal | DeSmogBlog

Environmental Spill Disaster Devastates Tennessee; 48 Times the Size of Exxon Valdez | AlterNet

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The Cost of Energy – Time to bury the ‘clean coal’ myth

>   An Example of Clean Coal?


Recent News on Energy and the Environment 19.10.08

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Some recent articles featured on the Energy Environment News Portal, on current and emerging issues related to energy and the environment.

Veolia steps into biofuels using recycled vegetable oils

Pacific Island Countries Switch to Renewable Energy

Models Help Assess Biofuels Sustainability 

Trade and climate policies must be linked post-2012 

Google “Search” for Cleaner Energy

Waste-to-energy market is booming