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Recent News on Energy and the Environment 02.01.09

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Some recent articles featured on the Energy Environment News Portal, on current and emerging issues related to energy and the environment

Coffee as a source of biofuels?

Solar vs Wind Energy

World Crops Threatened by Strengthening La Nina Cooling

Mega solar power plant in Portugal connected to the grid

NASA Study Links Severe Storm Increases, Global Warming

Canada has First Solar Powered Community in North America


Recent News on Energy and the Environment 12.12.08

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Some recent articles featured on the Energy Environment News Portal, on current and emerging issues related to energy and the environment

Wind, Water and Sun superior to Biofuels, Nuclear and Coal for Clean Energy

Degraded grasslands better option for biofuels

UN Climate Chief Lowers Expectations For 2009 Deal

Poznan: Indigenous Rights Row Threatens Rainforest Protection Plan

EU Leaders Agree 20% 2020 Renewable Energy Target

How green is your network?

Recent News on Energy and the Environment 05.12.08

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Poznan Climate Change Conference, December 2008: News & Developments

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

UN FCCC post-Kyoto climate conference Poznan, Poland — opening press briefing by Yvo De Boer:



Further videos related to Poznan developments —> YouTube – climateconference’s Channel


Other news / articles related to Poznan conference:


Poznan Climate Conference: Latest News and Global Perspectives – SustainabilityForum.Com


Indigenous People Demand Voice in Poznan Climate Talks

Sustainable Energy (Video)

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Sustainable Energy

This might not add much to the debate and discussion on “Sustainable Energy”, but it has a somewhat different presentation format: 

More videos on sustainable energy, climate and related: Geo Energy Network Media

Recent News on Energy and the Environment 09.11.08

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Sea Level Rise and Inundation of Coastal India

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

A somewhat long, but interesting article by Dr. Nachiketa Das 

—> Sea level rise and inundation of coastal India

Dr. Nachiketa Das: November 2, 2008

Global warming is making sea level rise. Sea level, however, will not rise appreciably overnight, not in months, not even in years. The rise will assume dangerous proportions only over a substantial length of time, perhaps over decades. The assertions are not designed to make you complacent my readers, but you need not panic either. The sensationalist movies and documentaries that you have been watching show the sea invading deep into eastern India, inundating the capital of West Bengal Kolkata, which as Calcutta was once the capital of British India. Moreover in these movies the ancient capital city of the state of Orissa, Cuttack that is situated at the apex of the Mahanadi delta some 70 km inland within a matter of seconds submerges under the invading sea. These movies have their own agenda, and have very successfully scared millions of viewers without ever telling much, as to how to combat the rising sea. 

Sea and nature in general, have been more kind to us human beings, than we would care to admit. Nature always gives us plenty of warning before doing anything drastic, and by the same token, sea gives us a good many years to protect our landmass from her transgression. As sea level rise accelerates due to global warming, coastal India faces inundation. Although sea level rise is inevitable, the inundation of coastal India is not, and certainly it is not a fait accompli. If we decide to initiate collective action, in a scale comparable to the mass movement led by Mahatma Gandhi, we could successfully combat the rising sea, at least for a good few centuries. In this article I propose to discuss the various aspects of sea level rise, and emphasise the preventive measures that could be undertaken to save coastal India from the ravages of the rising seas.


— Rate of sea level rise

— Sea level rise is not uniform

— Maximum possible rise of sea level

— Sea level rise and coastal inundation

— Coastal inundation after the last ice age

— Losses due to sea level rise

— Achyutananda’s prophecy on sea level rise

— Measures to combat the rising seas

— The Netherlands is up to 6 m below sea level

— Let Coastal Works commence