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Recent News on Energy and the Environment 02.01.09

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Some recent articles featured on the Energy Environment News Portal, on current and emerging issues related to energy and the environment

Coffee as a source of biofuels?

Solar vs Wind Energy

World Crops Threatened by Strengthening La Nina Cooling

Mega solar power plant in Portugal connected to the grid

NASA Study Links Severe Storm Increases, Global Warming

Canada has First Solar Powered Community in North America


Tropical Storms, Hurricanes and Global Weather: Meteorology & Weather Map Sites

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Posted by: Karl Ramjohn

Some sites on meteorology, weather maps and related conditions, if anyone is interested in keeping track of extreme weather – tropical storms, hurricanes, or just general weather patterns, as they develop…

> World Weather Meteo, WWM Model, Current situation and forecast

> National Hurricane Center

> – Climate, Earthquakes, Forums, Weather, Volcanoes, and more